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Random Lego stuff by darkhaven97
Random Lego stuff
I've been in a Lego mood at the moment and this random picture was born.
I numbered the drawings so you know what's what.

1. Bit explaining to do with this one, if you've played Lego Racers 1 or had the old 1997 Fright Knights sets then you might recognize Basil the Batlord, if you've played Lego Island 2 or had the 2000 Knights Kingdom one sets then you would probably recognize Cedric the Bull.
Now here's the thing, these two are my top 2 favorite Lego characters but I like Basil a tiny bit more then Cedric. So I don't think Cedric is too pleased about me liking someone more then him, especially since I knew about him first before I even knew about Basil. This will be shown as a rivalry in a fanfic me and my friend Rainbowsuntacy64 are working on.
2. A Chima bat having a snooze, the bats are my favorite tribe in Chima. I just love bats. 

3. Lord Garmadon with his four arms, cause he's awesome! Need I say more? Why did episode 44 have to happen?Crying 

4. A few random Lego animals, including a dragon!

5. Most of you would probably know Johnny Thunder, but what you probably didn't know is that he hates scorpions according to one of those old Lego Mania magazines. So I always imagined how he'd react if he saw a scorpion from Chima.

Note: One of the pens I used was leaking and I got red ink on my hand and accidentally got a bit of ink in the middle and bottom right of the paper.

I don't own anyone in this picture they all belong to The Lego Group.
Gunbullet Brothers by darkhaven97
Gunbullet Brothers
I always thought Dr Don and Dr Dan were brothers, they always do everything together in the games and they look related. In my head Dr Dan is the younger one and Dr Don is the older one and they're both loyal to each other. Though there is the odd time when they squabble.
I'm really pleased how this one turned out, but I did have to do a bit of rubbing out and maybe I made Don's arm a bit too long, but I like how his thumb turned out.

Dr Don and Dr Dan belong to Namco
Burn the sacrifice! by darkhaven97
Burn the sacrifice!
I finally got all three games in the Point Blank trilogy for the PS1, along with two Guncons or G-con45 their called where i'm from:D
The first game will probably always be my favorite since I grew up with it, I didn't know about the sequels at the time so I never played them when I was little:(

Anyway I felt like doing some fan art of it. 
If you've played the first game then you might recognize this as that mini game where Dr Don or Dan is tied up and getting flaming torches thrown at them, so you have to shoot the torches to stop them from getting burned.
Tried to make this as accurate to the appearance in the game as possible.

Picked Dr Dan to be the one tied up since he's my favorite of the two doc's.
P.S Sorry about that white line on the right

Dr Dan, area in picture and the Point Blank trilogy all belong to Namco.

Dr Don and Dr Dan by darkhaven97
Dr Don and Dr Dan
If you've played Namco's classic Arcade and PS1 light gun game series Point Blank/Gunbullet, then you might recognize these two daring explorers.

Point Blank was one of my favourite games growing up(even though I wasn't very good at it)and these two always made me laugh with their high pitched screams. I remember the mini games where you had to shoot stuff getting thrown at them and if you failed they would go flying head-first into the camera.
I think these two are my favourite duo in gaming, too bad Namco never really gave them a lot of personality:(

Dr Don, Dr Dan and the Point Blank/Gunbullet series belong to Namco.
OC: Alfilado the bobcat by darkhaven97
OC: Alfilado the bobcat
Also known as: The black hearted bobcat of Mexico.
An OC of mine and he's not a friendly one.

What OC is he for you may ask? Well if you grew up in the UK watching the BBC channel do you remember a show called El Nombre? You know that show with the guy who looked like the rodent equivalent of Zorro and always spoke in rhymes? Yeah he's an OC for that show.

Gender: Male
Species: Bobcat
Personality: Greedy, bad tempered, cold hearted, bloodthirsty, merciless and a little bit crazy.
Likes: Stealing money and other priceless objects, doing traget practice with his daggers and taking people's lives with them or with his claws.
Hates: Anyone who stands in his way.
Friends/Alies: None, he prefers to be solitary.
Enemies: El Nombre Arch enemy
 Don Fandango(The actual villain from the show) He thinks he's a weak bandit and thinks the town is only big enough for one criminal.
Anyone who isn't like him.
Skills: Extremly skilled with knife and dagger throwing and can see well in the dark due to being a feline.

Notes: I think his legs look a bit awkward. What do you guys think?Judge
            His name means 'sharp' in Spanish(well I think it does I used Google Translate)
EDIT: I based him on Cluny the Scourge from Redwall. Mainly the TV series version he's basicly if Cluny was a guy who worked alone. Also imagine Cluny with a Mexican accent.
P.S Please ignore the visible rubbed out penicil marks(if you can see them)I really need to start using a softer pencil.

El Nombre(mentioned) and Don Fandango(also mentioned)belong to the BBC.
Alfilado belongs to me and you cannot use him without my permission.
Art also belongs to me.            


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