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Young Hikariu by darkhaven97
Young Hikariu
Before anyone gets confused Hikariu is my made up real name of the Yin Yang Yo season 1 Nightmaster, since his real name was never revealed in the show.
This one is also a little blurred, sorry about that and ignore the shadow on the bottom right, oh and say hello to my black artist pens on the left.

Also a slight spoiler on my version and backstory on him, unlike in the show where he's the third Nightmaster, in my story he's the fourth one so yeah there's gonna be an extra NightmasterOh Noes! 

Nightmaster belongs to Bob Boyle
Young version and backstory both belong to me
Nightmaster expressions by darkhaven97
Nightmaster expressions
I LOVE THIS GUY! Yeah if you haven't guessed yet I used to watch Yin Yang Yo on the TV and I've been re watching some of the episodes again on YouTube.
Why do I like the Nightmaster? Well for a few reasons, he's got a really cool voice, he's serious unlike most villains in the show, got some pretty cool powers, he's really cute(I'm a sucker for bats)and he's got a taste for dark fashion which is pretty hilarious in the show.
He's basically the Aku of Yin Yang Yo. 

He's quite fun to draw actually.
The episode I remember the most from the show is the one where he hosts a dodge ball tournament and tricks Yin and Yang into using Woo Foo in anger to set his army free from being turned to stone by Master Yo long ago.
Too bad he got replaced by Eradicus in the second season(not a big fan that griffinSweating a little...)also I wish we got to hear what his actual name is in the show other then just referring to him as just ''The Nightmaster'' since Eradicus is also a Nightmaster and he has an actual name.
But since that's never gonna be revealed, I decided to give him an actual name: Hikariu(Hick-a-rye-oo)

The Nightmaster belongs to Bob Boyle
Ghoulish guests by darkhaven97
Ghoulish guests
Halloween picture of the year 2015
Dr Don and Dr Dan end up meeting the ghosts from the spin-off game of Point Blank known as Ghoul Panic.

This first started off as some fan-art of that mini game in Point Blank 3 where you got to shoot ghosts and skeletons to allow Don or Dan to climb to the top of the rope before the time runs out, but I really didn't want to draw a bunch of difficult to make out low rendered PS1 pixel skeletons. So I went with the ghosts instead.
Also, I was gonna give the background some detail but once again it would have taken me forever to draw and color some really low rendered pixally(is that even a word?)hieroglyphics. 

I don't own anyone in this picture they all belong to Namco.
Bloodthirsty by darkhaven97
OMG WHAT HAVE I DRAWN!?:nailbiter:I've turned Wario into something from a nightmare! Nah just kidding I like drawing stuff like this. Since it's October now I think it's a very appropriate time.
Can't be bothered with a background.

Mario and the others better beware now, Wario is out for blood and it looks like someone's about to get their neck bitten. Heck now that I think about it, he might even be able to crush someone's neck, with that big mouth and strong jaw of his.:panic:Yikes! I think I better get outta here before he sees me!*runs far away*

Fun Fact off me: Wario's eyes were inspired by the vampires from Shiki(I recently discovered the anime and had been watching it on YouTube)

Wario and his vampire form belong to Nintendo.
This version of it, him and the art belong to me.


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